Icumsa 45 sugar

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Product Type: Sugar Type: CRYSTAL SUGAR Form: GRANULAR Processing Type: Refined Color: White Packaging: Bag ICUMSA: 45/100/150/600-1200 Brix (%): 100 Purity (%): 99.9 Certification: BRC Weight (kg):25 Shelf Life: 2 Years Place of Origin: Chiang Mai, Thailand Brand Name: Refined Model Number: 411255


Sugar has made from good quality of cane and had been through production moderate processing under control by Ministry of Industry which required world class standard. You can be so sure that sugar you put in your body is 100% natural sugar is suitable for food manufacturer, pharmaceutical industry and sweetened beverage which able to use for its chemical feature as well.

Colour MAX. 45 Icumsa
Polarization MIN. 99.9 % Degree Polarization (0Z)
Moisture MAX. 0.04 % by weight
Conductivity Ash MAX. 0.15% by weight
Invert Sugar MAX. 0.03 % by weight
Average Size 0.60 – 0.90 mm.
Target M.A. 0.40 – 0.90 mm.
Sediments MAX. 0.02% by weight
Arsenic MAX. 0.50 mg/kg
Lead MAX. 0.50 mg/kg
Copper MAX. 1.50 mg/kg
Pesticide NONE
Pesticide NONE
Sulphur Doixide NONE
Pathogenic Bacteria NONE
Coli-form Bacteria MAX. 1 CFU/10 GM
E. Coli NONE
Yeast & Mold MAX. 10 CFU/10 GM
We give precedence to commercial and service in order that customers and allies succeed in business and concentrate at using our knowledge, abilities and experiences to effectively deal with the change of economy, environment and social. Moreover, We can manage well on commodity trading to meet the demand and utmost satisfaction of worldwide customers and allies. Is an export company of sugar, organic sugar Produce and sell sugar in the customer’s brand, retail, wholesale sugar, sugar, export sugar, foreign And a sugar retailer. Wholesale sugar in the country. We value trade and service partnerships to ensure that our clients and partners are successful in their business and are committed to using their knowledge and experience to effectively cope with economic, environmental and social change. It also has the management of the sale of goods as well. To meet the needs and satisfaction of customers and partners around the world.


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