Kraft Paper Bags

The delicately flavored almond is available freshest in mid-summer, although packaged almonds are available year round.

The almond known as nut is technically the seed of the fruit. It is consumed Raw and other times consumed toasted. It also has wide culinary uses.


Product Description

 Material  Food-grade paper
 Color  Up to 6 colors both for offset and flexo printing
 Printing  Flexo printing, it employs environmental oil.
 Offset printing, the color is very bright and beautiful
 Logo  Custom logo is available
 Lid  Available
 Coating  High quality PE, single PE for hot drink and double PE for frozen drink
 Features  Eco-friendly, non-smell, safety, disposable, biodegradable
 Usage  Milk tea, tea, coffee, drink, hot water and so on



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