Full Cream Milk Powder

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First step in getting Full cream milk powders, is removing water from pasteurized and homogenized whole cow’s milk with vacuum evaporation. The result, concentrated whole milk, is then spray dried. It contains max. 5% or less moisture and max.

Full cream milk powder is suitable for industrial applications and has multiple interests. 26% fat milk powder is manufactured by pasteurising and making homogenous fresh liquid milk. Water is then removed by evaporation and by spray drying or roller drying.

The high-fat content of full cream milk powder gives it a creamy flavor and makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in the food industry. Full cream goat milk powder is manufactured by spray-drying fresh goat milk and contains the same content of fat and protein as the goat milk before it is spray-dried. The fat and protein content are subject to seasonal fluctuation. However, it is possible to standardize the protein and fat content if this is desired for specific applications. Full cream goat milk powder is suitable for use in a wide variety of food and non-food industries. It may be used in dairy drinks and desserts, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, infant and follow-on formula, nutritional supplements, make-up, soap and tablets.


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